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Just some random things today.
I’m reading this book. I love it. It’s so easy to forget how far women have come in the last 60 years. It makes me want to learn even more and keep my brain fresh. It makes me want to question things, and I love that. I already got a copy for my mother-in-law and I’m sure to buy more as presents; I think any woman would get something out of it. And a lot less deep, but also hard to put down is a Vintage Quilt identification and price guide. I got it because the $2.99 price at Border’s was too good to pass up and it is full of inspiration and information.
(side note I love everything about my Kindle, except for the not being able to hand someone a physical book to borrow when I’m done thing).
Tuesday has the biggest book appetite of the family right now. The Rain Train (really wish it wasn’t so fitting…) Goodnight Train (I wish it were MORE fitting, ha!) Our bird books, including new ones: A field Guide to the Birds of North America and Complete Birds of the World. Both were super clearance at Borders (which by the way is closing so if you have a gift card use it now before it gets turned over to liquidators!). I want to do some more research about bird guides, maybe check some out at the library and find some that are very relevant to us. I don’t think these are the best, but for the price I like having some in our growing resource library. Tuesday and I were reading one in the back yard laying on the grass and as I read things like, “it eats aquatic animals and mice” she kept saying, “ohhh!” There were also insect and butterfly books on clearance ($3.99) we picked up.
Oh and I can’t forget the Piggie and Elephant books! We got them buy one get one half off and Tuesday is a huge fan. So far we have a great one about rainy days, sharing toys, dancing, and including friends.
I think I better have a very serious budget in place as Border’s goes through liquidation because once those books start being seriously discounted… well lets just say there are some art books and gorgeous nature books I’ve had my eye on for a while (I can totally see Bj hiding my credit card while I sleep)! I once saw an article by a dad who made his kids a wall of awesome (can’t find the link!). It included all kinds of books he got amazing deals on. The higher the shelf the more advanced the material. It took up a long wall in his house and the top held globes, microscopes, etc. So cool.
I’m doing lots of little things. Organizing my stashes of various supplies, which always has the effect of making me want to start many more projects. Almost done with the ridiculousness that is hand stitching four very long curtains. And then I just need to find the most perfect orange bowl and I might be able to show you my “new” living room. I love it.
I faced a fear of needles and got two of my moles shaved off yesterday. Ali warned me that the local would sting a bit so I was ready for it. But it really was not that bad. And as she said, the alternative is much worse. So go get your skin checked friends!
I’m getting ready for

And I’m very excited. Last year I simply posted a photo along with a timestamp and that is my plan this year for the blog as well. I hope you enjoy the peek into my life. I’ll work on putting the album together the next week. This weekend I hope I have time to gather up supplies, envelopes and charge my camera batteries, as it is so helpful to go full steam into the project and not miss a minute. I’m hoping I can get more photos of me in action, like last year. You can see all of my week in the life posts here.
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  1. Amber I’m so happy to hear you got your skin checked, now keep layering on that sunscreen!
    This book you keep blogging about has inspired me. I think I’ll add it to my list of summer reading. Thanks for the tip!

  2. i love books. i think it’s so important to share that love with children from the beginning.
    week in the life…i’m getting nervous! my weekend to-do list includes getting all my camera gear ready. i hope i can keep up again this year.

  3. I remember the wall of awesome! I went looking for it the other day to add it to Pinterest and can’t find it anywhere either. 🙁

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