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  1. I love those pjs with the ric-rac!
    Do you have someone take the pics of you, or is that some fancy tripod/remote work? I need to get some more pics of me for my kids.

  2. I love week in the life! I’m going to be playing sometime next month, as this week is definitely not typical for me, but I’m enjoying seeing all these glimpses into everyday life! thanks for the inspiration.

  3. This was an extremely full day—are you crazy! Love both of Tuesday’s pjs. Love the photo of us by the water. I want to make more beaded necklaces (craftcation?).

  4. I really enjoy seeing your pictures everyday! Shopping @ the supermarket…super cute 🙂

  5. Love it! I agree your days are so super full!! I am busy all day too but I think my work week day in the life would look pretty is my computer….here is my computer 8 hours later….. I would do a week in the life for sure if I was as interesting as you!

  6. My mom made those super sweet pjs and I love them. Yes, all of those pictures of me on this post I took. I just set the camera on something, set the timer, and jumped in. There were lots of misses. On the laundry one I set the camera up and told Tuesday what button to push, so I had a good three dozen to choose from 🙂 I believe I’m even saying in the photo, “keep pushing the button!” hahaha

  7. Em, I did make them, get a buddy is my advice, they were really hard to do alone. You have to twist them while tying with dental floss, a bit tricky.

  8. Carmen – My friend who is single and full time working is doing it too, you’d be surprised how many things you just take for granted that you do all day!

  9. love the little sponge things. We’ve made them before! Love them!!! Jealous of your Goodwill store too!

  10. April,
    I know those sponge bombs are so fun. That’s not my Goodwill, I drove about 45 minutes to see my friend and we met up there. It is hands down the best goodwill I’ve ever seen. I got tons of gorgeous kids books, my store is always wiped out. Plus they had vintage sewing machines, actually good (unopened?!?!) toys. I’ll certainly be back to that one!

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