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  1. nice job! way to rock the self timer (it’s HARD!) and look at your fun toenails! i feel like i should repaint mine something fun (other than plan old red) before thursday 😉

  2. So great that you are doing this. Looks like you and Tuesday had a really fun day together!

  3. Awesome. 🙂 I want to live by you so I can be part of your day!
    My library has that puzzle…it took Justin and I forever to help Miri put it back together! Also…what was for dinner? It looked great!

  4. Emily,
    The house across the street is for sale, but the yellowish one two houses up in the picture is also and a bit bigger, with a big enough yard for your dog, so I think you should get that one 🙂 The orange truck is my crazy neighbor’s. We ate “crazy rice” (that’s what Bj called it) for dinner, I just put a little sesame oil in the pan and added more sausage and fresh peas to some rice Bj had already cooked.

  5. These photos make you feel you’re right their with you. Enjoy the new plant we got at Word of Mouth!

  6. So many things to comment on I can’t handle it! I love that you guys do this. I vow to do it some day too. What an awesome way to remember this era of your life.

  7. Erin you should do one! I wish I had done this once before Tuesday came along. I’m sure my daily routine would have been night and day… but I can barely remember those details now (well sleeping in does come to mind….).

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