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Oh goodness do we have a lot to catch up on. Like how Tuesday says, “oh my goodness goodness.” Which is pretty much the cutest. Well almost as cute as her starting many sentences with, “actually…” and the way she says, “sure, sure” (only it comes out like shurre…). So basically I think she’s adorable. She is also keeping me super busy with her why questions. For now Bj and I are the ones answering these things as we’ve decided not to put her in any formal school environment yet. We may not ever, I’m leaning towards homeschooling, but really I just want to do what is best for Tuesday, so she’s leading the way for now. That was a great big lead on to a really simple project I came up with. I’m trying to have things like this ready to go for times when I’m editing photos or need to make calls.

I made some circles up on scraps of paper for Tuesday to color in specific colors.

She can’t read, but I just told her what the word said and she would find the crayon that went with it. Initially I had a big box out but it was too much for her to sort through so I got out this smaller set with less options. Then I used a circle cutter to cut about a 2″ diameter circle for a small muffin tin my mom thrifted for me.

I had picked out a bunch of colored buttons from my stash for her to sort. She liked it at first, but it didn’t keep her occupied as long as I though it would. We did button sorting when she 24 months and she liked sorting by size, so maybe this was just not her style. I’m not sure.

It’s packed up easy now and she has asked for a it a few times, but doesn’t like the papers she made in there any more, not sure why (possibly because she wants to sort some other way besides color). I wouldn’t say this project was a total flop, we’ll probably come back around to it. She was happy working on it at the time and I’m glad about that. Honestly I don’t preplan much of our day so this whole “school project” thing is kind of new to us. I’m still deciding how I like it.
scrap paper, assorted buttons, muffin tin, circle cutter (or just trace and cut out by hand), crayons in primary/secondary colors
Tuesday is 32 months

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  1. Go tour the montessori school and see the different activities they have up close and personal, then you can replicate some of them at home without having to buy the super spendy versions of them! 😉 I know you can get lots of information on line, and you’re probably better at finding the info than I am, but I liked seeing how they had it set up and the variations on different things.
    One activity similar to this that the kids always seemed drawn to was sorting items using tweezers or chopsticks. And that takes work so oftentimes it held their attention a bit longer.

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