Warmed in the morning.

Erin’s honey, local peaches, Tuesday smashed almonds, finally getting oatmeal just right.


And warmed in the evening. Tuesday said to me while driving:

Mama one day when I get big I do lots of things.

What will you do?

have gum


make pancakes

cut fruit

grow food in the backyard



8 Replies to “Warmed.”

  1. Have gum!!! Yes and she will come to me for the good stuff.

  2. What a sweet girl 🙂

    And that oatmeal looks tasty!

  3. What%20a%20sweet%20girl%20%3A-)


  4. Looks yummy! I love oatmeal.

  5. like mother, like daughter.

  6. sciarrino’s comment reminds me of that friends episode when ross’ lesbian exwife has the baby and when monica meets him for the first time she says “i’m you’re aunt monica and i will always have gum.” 🙂
    i really wish i liked oatmeal. it always looks so comforting. unfortunately i can’t stand the texture. i know it’s good for me, so i just eat it (aka: gag it down) in as few as bites as possible. maybe i need to try it when my special jar of erin’s honey? maybe that’s the secret.

  7. yum!! 🙂
    i so wish i had time in the morning to enjoy breakfast!!

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