Wiggly and new

When we were up in Alaska I had the joy of photographing Carmen’s new little baby, Madeline (though Tuesday insists we call her by her middle name, Lucy). I only brought a handful of my gear, since I had to bring it up on the plane. I supplemented with other things I made Andrew drag up to the brightest room from all around the house (like couch cushions). I did bring my sound machine, but despite that I had such trouble getting 6 (or 7?) day old Madeline to sleep! She just did not want to. Of course I stuck it out and got some of her asleep, but my favorites are of her awake and stretching, the unique way only newborns do.

Had to include this last one. Love this diaper cover Carmen made for her sweet baby. Carmen was kind of knitting insane during the pregnancy (in a good way of course). Carmen’s visiting so I got to show her the shoot downstairs in the studio set up, which was fun for both of us (and Madeline’s grandma!). I was pregnant during this shoot, and would be only for a few more days. It seems so far away now, and so surreal to think about. I really do find that the hurts just gets less and less. Time really does heal.

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