Dreaming of Spring

The this moment photo from last week was taken at 2500 ISO with all the lights on in the room and the windows open… and it was only 1pm! It’s been quite gloomy here (with a few very welcome sunny days thrown in). Not surprisingly I’m being drawn to my spring time photos to scrap.

This simple one highlights just how quickly things change once the  sun does come back out.

I had really specific ideas of how I wanted the 13 to look, but none of my fonts were fitting the bill. I ended up taking the 1 from one front and the 3 from another. I love that I can do that with my die cutting machine! Seriously I am still so loving my Silhouette, I can’t believe I’ve had it over a year and it still feels like the best new fun toy.

Not the best photo of this layout (lack of sun, sigh.), but you get the idea. I love how Ali does her journalling around the edge of her layouts often and thought I’d try it here. Tuesday has still been asking if we ┬ácan go to the market, though it’s been closed for a month.
I really don’t mind our winters, for some reason though I am missing the light this year. Good thing we have lots of Christmas lights outside that come on at four!

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  1. Oh, how I miss spring and summer. I am definitely a sunny day girl. It is gloomy where I live today and is suppose to be for the next two days. I have the christmas lights on and just about every other light in the house. That is so cute that Tuesday is still asking to go to the market. My little one is still asking to swim almost everyday.

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