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Oh labels, how I love thee! I’ve been collecting lots of label shapes from the Silhouette store and when I realized that the place I get my vinyl had a chalkboard version I knew I had to try it.

The spice labels I did a few weeks ago were awesome, but not everything stays in the same container like spices. So these labels were destined for my very small pantry.

I wrote on the labels (which are very sticky and will stay on at least through hand washing) with bistro chalk markers. I love these things! No dusty mess, and much much easier to write with. They do take a little bit of time to dry though, and as I am not the patient sort, some of the labels are smudged. No worries, a damp cloth takes the writing off completely (I’ve found this to be less true on an actually chalkboard with these markers, FYI).

I’m super happy with this, and hope it prevents things like three bags of raisins being opened at once (because it was hard to see where the raisins were!). At Goodwill the other day I scored a pack of dry erase vinyl sheets. I haven’t played with them yet, but I’m thinking if you preferred a white label look those might work too. Originally I used white board markers on the tops of these containers, it didn’t end well. I’ll let you know how these hold up!

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  1. Oh my gosh you are super organized! If I find extra raisins I just stick them in meatloaf 😉 and anything else I find floating around for that matter! I think I need some labels for Christmas… do you know where I could get some?

  2. Where did you find chalkboard vinyl? I’ve been looking locally and haven’t found it yet. Do I need to order it online?

  3. ooooh, please share details on the chalkboard vinyl that you use in your silhouette – those labels look lovelY!!!!

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