This is one of my favorite layouts in a while. I think I’ve had the base done for a few months now… I was just waiting to get the right paper into my Silhouette for the title and year. I painted on this layout (maybe even as far back as our beach retreat?), so it’s a bit warped but I don’t really mind. In my re-organizing for Project Life, I pulled out some of my smaller scraps for a separate dish. I think I’m going to be digging into those a lot. And yes, Project Life is easy. You DON’T need a lot of stuff, I’ve just found that I leave it out a lot, and want to slip little bits in constantly so it warranted a re-arrangement of sorts. And that Honey Dotted Swiss? I’m pretty sure I need a giant pack of it. It’s such the perfect color of mustard!

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  1. Hi Amber!
    I got your comment on my blog, it’s not letting me reply to you for some reason. Grrr!
    First, LOVE your little layout and your blog! I’ve added you to my blogroll. Thank you for your comment! 🙂 You’re space looks great… Happy Organizing!
    Wendy ❤

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