Ok, here is the after

She is so proud of her first haircut. Her nana (Bj’s mom, retired professional hairdresser) cut it for her on the second day of the new year. I think nana’s been counting the days until she could cut her hair! And it’s so perfect, she really just trimmed off all those baby wisps that kept getting tangled up. It is so much curlier now. This is right after. I need to get a picture of her in the daylight (did I mention the first haircut was in an RV?!), but first I’ll have to give her a bath! I’m so bad about washing her hair because I’m terrible at it. So I always wait for the weekend and Bj washes her hair without fuss or tears.

It’s about time I guess, Miss Sparkly Pants will be three tomorrow… THREE!
But oh, she’s not three yet, and don’t you dare mention it!
Recent adorable conversation of the week:
Eli (just turned 4 year old friend), “how old are you”
Tuesday, “I’m two, right now.”
Eli, “But you talk so well.”
LOL and she does, none stop and all day long.

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  1. She is precious! LOVE the new haircut! Her curls are just so sweet. And the headband is perfect. Happy “early” Birthday, Tuesday! I know what you mean, my daughter is right behind Tuesday. How are they already “almost” three?

  2. You’ve inspired me! My daughter is two months younger than Tuesday, tiny like Tuesday is (I know an 8-month old who weighs what my almost 3-year-old weighs!), and slow to grow in hair. I haven’t cut it yet because I don’t want to mess it up and potentially lose the adorable curls that sometimes form, but it gets so cray sometimes, that I know I need to soon! I think I wil take this picture to my hairdresser when the time comes! Thanks!

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