The Three Year Old.

I followed this link and asked Tuesday some questions on her birthday. Love the answers, I think I’m going to do as the blogger suggests and pre-make a mini for Tuesday’s questions up through 18 so it’s easy to pull out each year. I also want to video her answering the questions (some of which I’m sure would have different answers tomorrow).

1. Favorite color? Green

2. Favorite toy? Thomas (her wooden trains)

3. Favorite fruit? Grapes

4. Favorite TV show? Thomas

5. Favorite thing for lunch? Grapes, apples, and salami meat

6. Favorite outfit? Jammies

7. Favorite game? Running

8. Favorite snack? Grapes

9. Favorite animal? Monkey

10. Favorite song? Thomas, The Mix (what she calls Somebody I Used to Know, since it’s on the mix Bj made me for Christmas)

11. Favorite book? Thomas: Toby the Tram

12. Best friend? Chloe

13. Favorite cereal? Chex

14. Favorite thing to do outside? Play with water

15. Favorite drink? Orange Juice

16. Favorite holiday? Christmas

17. Favorite thing to take to bed? Toys; Thomas toys (she never does this so I asked again), Birdie

18. Favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Candy Canes (never happened), Pancakes and Bacon

19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Bacon, grapes

20. What do you want to be when you grow up? A knitter

21. What do you want to do when you grow up? Take somebody to Disneyland and to animal store (?), knit, chew gum.

Anything else you want to tell me? Three is happy.


I added the parentheses for clarification when necessary. She is still so totally in the now. Can you tell who had grapes as a snack today? I also added the last question to the list I found, as Tuesday is more into what she will do over what she will be (a concept I don’t think she’s really grasped yet). This is such a fun thing to do. Part of me really wants me to do my perspective on her favorites vs. her answers, and I might do that on a scrapbook page.

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  1. Hilarious answers! And such a great idea! I’m totally stealing it…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS TUESDAY!!! Hugs and kisses from Vermont!

  2. green or purple grapes? knitter, gum—awesome!

  3. totally cute. i’m with sciarrino – love the knitter + gum comments. that is awesome. hope she had a fabulous birthday! can’t wait to see you guys!

  4. So cute!!! I esp. love “Three is happy.” Happy Happy Birthday, Miss Tuesday!

  5. She is a very happy three year old! I love all of her answers. Bacon and grapes for dinner, too cute! Beautiful photo! Her “3” shirt is so adorable..

  6. Somebody get this girl some grapes! Hilarious, I just love it. Knitter, grapes, gum. This is a wonderful idea. A+ on the “3” T-Shirt!

    Happy Birthday Tuesday!

  7. I love the shirt! Someone has been working hard on their silhouette! I love the answers…favorite breakfast= candy canes! Love that you felt the need to put in (never happened). How come toddlers never make up answers that make us look like better parents than we are?

  8. Hilarious! She’s still hooked on that gum 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday sweet girl! I love this list…totally stealing it in a couple months! 😉

  10. Carmen – better or worse parents? 🙂

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