Snow! Inside!

One of the ideas I had for the girls while we were up in Alaska was to utilize the snow. I stumbled upon this idea via Pinterest (but I must not have pinned it so no original link, sorry!) and it was so easy and fun! I simply went outside (so quickly as it was NEGATIVE 18 this night) and scooped up a bowl of snow. I got out a cookie sheet and spoons and cups for each girl and let them have at it. At first it was so fluffy and light! It couldn’t be made into anything, but once it warmed up in the house it melted a bit and could be packed down. They scooped and packed and exclaimed over the coldness. They pointed out their red fingers, it was a great sensory experience!

Tuesday’s first touch, “it’s cold mama!”

“I want that snow!” Good thing I could just go out and get as much as we wanted!

And then she had to taste it! I was surprised it took her so long. Later in the week we brought snow back (from a failed trip to try and play… five feet of powder is not the easiest thing to play in!) and made snow slushies!

If you have snow outside bring it in! You’re so lucky and I think if we had snow around we’d be busy for a while!

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  1. Snow is so much fun for kids and adults, too! Looks like you two had a great trip to Alaska! Thanks for recommending the mini book/new smash book. I am totally looking into it for our upcoming Arizona/California trip in April.

  2. so fun!! i wish we had more snow! 🙁 just like a day of it…then it was gone.

  3. […] that playground in the background? Crazy! And the trees, all so beautiful! Like I showed, we took some snow inside to play when it was seriously too cold to go out, way under zero degrees. […]

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