Big Snow

It’s strange thinking about this snow now that we are home. It’s very warm here for winter (as it is most places), and doesn’t seem very wintery at all. The bursts of sun we are getting surprise me. I really like our rainy winter days, and love hunkering down to craft and play, so they kind of throw me off. Despite the lack of winter weather here, we had plenty of snow up in Alaska.

See that playground in the background? Crazy! And the trees, all so beautiful! Like I showed, we took some snow inside to play when it was seriously too cold to go out, way under zero degrees. Finally at zero degrees I figured we could go out very briefly. To be sure it took our breath away, but the girls had fun. This was right down their street so we bundled them up, covered them in vaseline and set off.

I pulled the sled up a block with one girl and then back with the other. Chloe helped 🙂

It really didn’t feel that cold, well unless you tried breathing 🙂 We stayed out for probably 15 minutes. I tried to take them to the same place later in the week, after it had snowed a couple of feet and it was impossible, such deep powder! So hard to walk in. We did hit the zoo up on a warmer day:

Because we’re awesome moms like that!

Let me tell you, it did get quite chilly once the snow really started coming down!
I’m almost done with Alaska pics, and I was going to share the before and after of Carmen’s place, but she did it already so I’ll link you to it instead. We did such a great job staging/cleaning/organizing/updating that I’m happy to say it’s sold already (yes, under  a week!!!), congrats guys!

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  1. Wow what a ton of snow to play in! Looks like the girls are having a blast! We had a very light dusting of snow yesterday ( the first one this winter) and Charlotte absolutely loved it!

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