Turning the lens on Tuesday

I had a photo shoot with a sweet family this weekend. You may have noticed that I’m not taking many new clients right now… I’m working on extended maternity leave. Seeing the lovely little kids that I shot Saturday made me want to come home and capture some of what Tuesday is right now.

Obsessed with her read along books. Loving her baby Thomas to the point of total despair if he is not around. Clothing optional. Three.

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  1. Don’t you just love three year olds??? I love that she has to always have her baby around…so cute! Tuesday’s hair is so pretty and getting so long! You are an awesome photographer! Wish we lived closer, I would love for you to do a photo shoot with Charlotte!

  2. What a sweetie, those photos are wonderful! I know from experience that Thomas is very special… a baby that you don’t just put in a bag with her other belongings ;)!

  3. love that she is in the 3 year old dress code. Also how adorable is she with her baby. The sweetest! I just can’r wait to see how much more adorable she will be with the non-plastic baby!

  4. Amber, these photos are seriously genius! The color balance and the silky skin tone and the exposure -despite all the crazy amount of white! Wow. Not to mention your subject couldn’t be any more perfect! I’m thinking these may need to be a framed series…

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