5 years

This weekend Bj and I celebrated our five year anniversary! I really can’t believe it’s been that long since that fabulous day!

And us now (an iPhone shot of course!):

It’s not always the easiest thing, but certainly worth all the hard work we put into it, this marriage thing. We were able to celebrate by going to Portland for the night. Bj got us tickets to Wicked (it was great), we had a nice long dinner at Marrakesh (a favorite!), full nights sleep in a hotel (even though I forgot my pillow), and the next day we got to do a little shopping (fabric!). I love being able to talk with Bj when we’re alone in the car (or dinner, or anywhere) together. It seems like we could just talk for hours, and I love that. So lucky to have my wonderful husband! I really can’t believe we’ll be a family of four soon(ish)!

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  1. Congratulation’s you two…you really are an adorable couple!! So glad you were able to get a fun night away in Portland! Happy 5th Anniversary!!!!!

  2. Amber and BJ,
    Your above wedding picture is so beautiful. You both are just glowing and excitement. I wish you only the best. And yes, like anything it does take work but with your best friend by you anything becomes enjoyable. Love, Mary Lou (Luke’s mom)

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