What’s old is new again

In the past year I’ve spend hours dealing with my sewing machine. Dropping it off no less than SEVEN times to get it repaired (for a tension issue, “we’ve never seen before”). I couldn’t do anything with topstitching, including quilting, because I never knew when I’d get little loops on the bottom of my sewing. Needless to say I was frustrated. And I finally broke. With my meanest voice I told them the last time they called that, “I can’t wait, I want to talk to some one RIGHT NOW.” Yes, being able to curse would have been nice in the situation, but I just don’t have that in me (besides, who wants to hear that?). Well they finally broke and admitted they could not fix the machine, and gave me a new one. I was so happy, and have been sewing like a mad woman ever since.
Of course my first thought was to start a million new projects, and I did do the bedding and baby doll carrier, but then I got sensible. It helped that I realized backing my languishing quilt tops would use a lot of fabric (I may have a slight stash problem). So I pulled out the old tops and got to work. This one was (poorly) pin basted last year before I realized the severity of the problems with my machine.

I set out with no plan from the start on this thing. And once I started working on it I realized I was SO rusty with my free motion quilting. As a result this is going to be more of a sampler of sorts. I think I’m ok with that. I took these photos with my phone to ask Sciarrino for some more quilting ideas. She gave me a couple of good ones so I’m excited to keep going on it.
Of course I’m not perfect…

And when Bj said we could go to the biggest/weirdest fabric store around on the way home for our anniversary trip I said sure and stocked up on knits, including swimsuit knits! I’m so crazy. Hopefully it translates into crazy awesome knit clothing and not a bunch of stash that sits there for a while…

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  1. Your blankets are awesome and I can’t help but think your Great Grandma is smiling down knowing that one of her Grand kids took after her.

  2. Just mix some older uncompleted projects with new ones, then you won’t get bored or unispired 🙂
    YAY for finally getting the new machine!

  3. Awesome quilt! I think it looks great. You have to remember that you are in the 99 percentile for your sewing skills, so even though you think you are rusty, I think you are amazing! Swimwear? Really? That is daring!

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