Far too much fun with the sewing machine

I have mentioned this again and again, the way I go into spurts of different crafting/hobby obsessions. Right now I’m in full on sewing mode. I even made Tuesday a swimsuit! I mean it turned out horrible and totally showed her nipples so there is no way she can wear it, but come on! So yes, a little fun foray into knits and then I heard that pull of the cotton. The relative easiness of straight lines. I couldn’t help myself. The last week or so has been a blur of pins (real and the Pinterest kind), broken needles, not quite the right solid color, and much fun in the big space downstairs.

Of course I was interupted often, as is the case with a three year old about. I don’t mind that so much, I’ve gotten quite good at doing things in little bits and pieces. Besides taking a break to teach Tuesday how to stuff mini pillows for her “guys” is fun. I’ll do a little post on the updates we’ve done to her dollhouse you saw in the This Moment post last week. Let’s just say, I’m bring out all the fun stuff to keep her busy. And you can tell, the basement is a little worse for wear.

And of course there are little threads on absolutely everything. I love these periods of frenzied crafting so!
Oh and I’ve been interspersing it with Hunger Games and Twilight reading, so you know, it’s a good thing you hear from me at all. Now to cuddle in bed with a book or down to sew?

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  1. I vote for laying in bed reading, possibly with a nap thrown in for good measure 😉 But I was also woken up ever 90 minutes to 2 hours last night by Annalise, and am at work now. YAWN.
    And I think the basement looks fun–I know Jake and Clara would be having so much fun with Tuesday 😉

  2. Sorry but I vote for sewing… You have to use these bursts of energy while you have them. Plenty of time to slow down later. I love all the quilting you’ve been doing and looks like Tuesdays having fun too!

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