Sunny with a Side of Rain

It has been a fairly mild summer thus far. Not too hot. And not too sunny. I’ve been asked, “Aren’t you glad it’s not hot?” since I’m noticeably pregnant. I said I didn’t mind one way or the other, but then we did have one hot day and I was like, “OH NO, this is NO GOOD!” So I must say, yes, I am enjoying this very mild late spring/early summer. I am still upset that I was never able to find a maternity rain jacket despite being willing to pay just about any price for one through our very rainy winter/spring. I do not understand how there is no market for a true maternity rain jacket, surely every pregnant person doesn’t just stay inside? I digress. Our backyard with a very strong side of rain:

More rough around the edges than we’d like (I need to weed badly!). But the front yard has really taken the brunt of my neglect. Leaving flowers on stems past their prime and adding in a lot of rain makes for a pretty pathetic entrance. Plus I’ve got some kind of mildew on a few things. And we almost lost a rose tree thing because it had so many blooms and the ground got so soggy, it’s all staked up now, but a few other things have succumbed to all the wet and are weeping over. Luckily the very strong and lovely smell of our lavender with roses thrown in the mix seem to overwhelm everyone’s senses and most people just exclaim over the wonderful smells coming up our walk. Either that or they are just being nice to me. I think the odds of me weeding right now are pretty much zero. Well if you do see me out there you can bet it’s a month from now and I am trying everything to get the baby out! ha! Think good thoughts I don’t get another 42 weeker…

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  1. Yes, be very thankful you are having a mild spring/summer. It is so extremly hot and humid here on the east coast. We are forecasted to reach 97 degrees by Thursday and with the humidity it will feel well over 100! The older I get the less I like our summer weather. I am trying to find indoor activities to keep Charlotte busy as it’s just too unbearable to be outside. I think your garden is lovely. So what if you have a few extra weeds I think that gives it more of an english garden look and your pregnant, so you have a good excuse. And yes, I am sending good thoughts your way that this baby is not a 42 weeker!

  2. I think it looks fabulous. It’s been crazy hot w/no rain here. Over 100 this week. NOT looking forward to it. And I won’t post photos of my back yard because it looks like a jungle…I’m not exaggerating! 😉

  3. i honestly noticed no weeds in your yard. though, like you said, i was likely just distracted by the amazing smell of those gorgeous roses along the front fence! 😉

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