We’ve been…

Making messes. Creative ones of course. And looking at the clock, also putting off making dinner to make said messes.


Tuesday showing off some fiber I unearthed from the insane fiber/yarn stash that was hidden behind all the garage sale stuff we got rid of. Did I mention we finally had our garage sale? Hallelujah (ugh why is there a j in that word?!?!) Yippee! We are now the proud NON owners of a storage unit! Still a few things to try and Craig’s List, but after the garage sale I had Bj back the rig up and load almost all the leftovers into the car to take to Goodwill. Goodbye stuff, we will not miss you.

Oh, um, oops. Of course nobody’s perfect and once I made a little cash/unearthed some more storage area I went to Fabric Depot with Erin. It was a sale weekend (35% off all fabric) plus I hit up the outdoor yard sale. All the big pieces of fabric and some of the others were from that section, $1-4 dollars a yard. I’d estimate now that puts me at about 47 sewing projects planed.

Couldn’t resist a chance to pop over to the beach. Even though the one way drive time of 2 + hours was a little much for this pregnant mama.

Worth it though, Tuesday will play out in the sand ALL. DAY. LONG. If you let her. This beach was so awesome, I don’t remember ever going toΒ Nehalem Bay State Park before. Great long stretch of beach. Tuesday really wanted to stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory (for ice cream) so she stayed awake the whole drive over chatting with me. I wish I would have recorded it, the things she wanted to talk about were so cute. I’ve told her we’ll do a big sister party for her towards the end of the summer for her little friends and she decided on this road trip that Christmas trees with lights would be the perfect decoration.
This spot would be a picture of my craft/sewing day. If I ever remembered to take pictures of such things. Which I don’t.

What I found after nap today. They are all ready for the “contesk” I tried to ascertain what this contest was for, but it was very unclear. I did like the host. You’ll have to picture it yourself: a victorian lady in a white and pink dress with a fighter helmet and mic on. She has such patience to set stuff up on this wibbly wobbly fabric. I think I might have to bring some boards from her blocks up to the nook because it drives me nuts how everything falls over like dominos!
(This post brought to you by, “I know I look really pregnant and if I don’t post at least once a week people will think I’m about to give birth.”)

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  1. Tuesday is so cute playing on the beach! And yes, I agree with Emily…love the last sentence!! Hope you are feeling well these last days of pregnancy.

  2. We’re going down to Florence next weekend–I can’t wait, I need beach time!
    So I want to see/hear about all 47 projects!!! πŸ™‚

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