Banner Day (60 degree)

I have a ton of great inspiration up on my Kid’s Clothes pinterest board, but this weekend it looked like the banner day skirt would be the most fun to make. And my scrap bin was over flowing so I went for it.

The added bonus was getting to use my new 60 degree triangle template from my friend Jill. She makes the best templates ever (etsy shop here)! And is in my quilt guild; which I am sure has more than it’s share of genius.

So my measurements are a bit different than the Moda version (free tutorial here), because I didn’t print their template. I’m glad I played with the 60 degree triangle though before starting a quilt with it (I want to so badly!), because I took me a minute (or ten) to remember how to get triangles together and preserve the points. With this back view you can see where the chevron pattern came together on the seam, it’s a little weird, but I don’t think that noticeable when she’s running around.

Picking (almost) blue berries. We can’t wait! ย And with this horrible lack of sun (seriously next to none this summer so far) we are having to. I need to stake up a bunch of things that are getting way water logged from the late rain. Oh and pick weeds ( times 1,000). There is not a lot of incentive for me to be out there right now, I have to admit. Sewing seems like much more fun at the moment.

Tuesday likes this skirt (though these pictures were hard won). She thinks it should be longer. I think it could be shorter. I like that the lined banned on the bottom kind of makes the skirt stay “poofed out”. I think with some new elastic in a year or two she could still be wearing the skirt (we’ll see how well the white holds up).

An almost ripe marionberry! I love these in baked goods and am so happy to have my own… though I think the vines might get the better of me. They are quite vigorous. I would show you a shot of ripe raspberries but we eat them as soon as, or slightly before, they are ripe. It’s a favorite morning activity. Best done in pjs of course.

My lettuce won’t complain about the late start to summer. I guess it deserves it considering a few of those starts I left in tiny containers for three weeks (!!!) and they still are taking off. This week I’m going to teach myself to make some homemade dressing.

Back to the skirt. I have a little stash of this state capital fabric left, but I think this is my last Salem (where we live). Pretty awesome right? Ignore the background. I’m trying to meal plan. I realized we have next to NO FOOD (dramatic emphasis mine) for when the baby comes. Ok so we have a ton of stuff I canned and froze, but my lovely husband completely ignores it (lest you think we’re prefect eaters he just bought a jar of HFCS Smuckers for crying out loud). So I have to make up meals with it and then have those ready to go in order to utilize all the good stuff. I’m sure I have weeks to go anyway so I should have plenty of time.

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  1. The banner day skirt is just darling…love the state capital fabric! And I love Tuesday’s yellow shoes! I would honestly take your cool and cloudy weather any day over our 100 degree heat. Enjoy it! I’m sure summer will make it’s appearance soon!

  2. Amber, I love reading your blog. You have the most interesting life. I love your creativeness and of course watching Tuesday grow from pictures with your comments is absolutely priceless.

  3. love these pictures, and that skirt is so cute. Of course you have the best model in the world wearing it! Love that state capital fabric — mine went into a baby quilt and an apron for my husband. I might have some small scraps left over; would you like to have them if I can find them? Or at least the pieces with Oregon?

  4. Love the skirt! And the first thing I noticed was the “poof” factor ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m meal planning too. Blah. I’m very unmotivated right now.
    Hopefully I’ll be going raspberry picking this week, and then that can be our meals for the next week, right? Raspberries? Sounds good to me!

  5. the skirt turned out great. I meant to ask you, how did Tuesday get hunter boots? I am dying for a pair but waiting until I find them on sale. Tuesday gets all the cool stuff!

  6. Carmen,
    The little clog/half boot things were from a Hunter sale on one of those cheap kids sites (I think Zulily or Gilt). I really wanted to get her some Hunter boots after a cheap pair split while playing, but everything was sold out but the clog style. Stuff goes so fast on those sites! I had to take myself off all of those mailing lists though, because I got way too tempted!

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