New Baby

That baby, new baby, baby girl, little baby. Obviously we haven’t settled on a name yet. But we do love her so!

Sister bath time!

Grandma snuggles. Mittens required at all times… she mauled herself before she even got out of the birth tub, silly baby!

Tuesday loves to show off what a great big sister she is, this time for Pops.

Outside while we hang out… in a wool hat. It’s still so cool in the evening. I hope it gets warm enough to ripen tomatoes this year! Oh and that awesome quilt is by her Aunt Sciarrino. I need to take more pictures of it (with baby), but she just spit up all over it… again.
Yes that is the extent of my photos! Good thing I had someone else come take family pictures of us today. She was here for four hours with us while we hung out and did our daily routine. I can’t wait to see what she got (I do post a bit more on twitter). Baby is letting me sleep. And she naps. People SHE NAPS!!!! I am so thankful for her mellow personality. Already I see so many differences between her and Tuesday, it really is amazing. Tuesday is doing well. Today she had her first real breakdown (with the photographer here of course), but overall she is doing really well. Baby has not thrown off Tuesday’s schedule at all. She is still doing two hour rests in the afternoon and going to bed (and sleeping in) with out issue. For that I say, I’ll buy you a pony!
We’ve still just had family visit. Bj only has three more days before he goes back to work. I’m trying not to let that stress me too much! But We’ve held off more visitors so he can have more time with just his girls.
I’m working on typing out the birth story. I also have some random posts that I pre-wrote to put up at some point. So you’ll here from me soon. And yes, of course, when we figure out the name I”ll let you know!

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  1. Seriously awesome…. It is like I have a twitch- I can not stop refreshing your site! Somehow I think there will be more pictures every five minutes! Oh I just love seeing little “baby girl garrison” She looks so happy and content. She must know she has the best mom ever! (and dad and sister too) πŸ™‚ I am sure whatever name you pick will be perfect. Love that she is napping for you! Also one last thing- Tuesday’s sister shirt is way cool! Did you craft that neon awesomeness?

  2. I don’t know how you stand itβ€”two perfect girls. I love that baby is getting a lot of use out of the quilt. She really brings out its best qualities. Do take photos of it since I didn’t before gifting incase you snuck a peek somehow. πŸ™‚ I can’t get over how chill she is. Precious. And I hope Tuesday wears the heck out of that “Big Sister” shirt!

  3. Happy sigh. Your pictures of your little lady, and Tuesday just make me smile.
    So glad this was what I saw when I came into work today, totally turned my morning around πŸ™‚

  4. sisters. i just love that. also loving the shirt that tuesday made with aunt sciarrino (right?) and the photo of your mom + “that baby”. both girls are just precious.

  5. Lovely ladies you got there! Hazel and William love
    talking about Tuesday and Amber’s baby (sorry Bj )
    Off to show the kids the new pictures!

  6. I had a really good feeling that this baby was going to be a good sleeper. Yay!! She is just beautiful! And Tuesday is precious, as always! She looks so happy with her baby sister and so proud to be a big sister!! Congrats again! Enjoy all the new baby sweetness! I look forward to learning her name. I know it will be awesome!

  7. We didn’t have a name for our daughter until she was three days old. It’s hard to pick! Love the quilt and the pic of your mom and baby girl. Yay for a good sleeper!

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