Bennet Marie

Oh sweet little Bennet.

And I can’t resist this sneeze.

Baby sneezes are just the cutest.

I love this little girl. I snuck in this quick “photo shoot” a few days ago. It was so difficult! I must have nursed her every ten minutes because she kept smelling the milk on me! So these quick shots were all I got, but I still love them. And we named her! It took a week this time. Geez, we keep getting worse not better time wise (four days with Tuesday). Oh but it suits her perfectly so it was worth the wait I think. We had this name in the hopper last year and then lost the baby. And I just went back and forth on if I should use it or if it was sort of already used. And while we were going through the name book and trying everything else out I kept calling her Bennie in my head. And then it got down to a few names so we started calling her Bennet when she was a week old, and that was it! Bennet Marie she is! Bennet from Pride and Prejudice (all time favorite book), and Marie to honor some wonderful women in my family. My late great grandma who not only was a rock hound, but lived on a farm and did all manner of awesome things like crochet, home cooking, and sewing. It is also my mother’s middle name. I probably wouldn’t have a second kid if my mom wasn’t so close to help me, so it’s fitting!

Now to work on the birth story….

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  1. First, I love the name! (especially the middle name) 😉 What a cutie she is. And it looks like she also has the Pence nose. Must be the dominant gene in your family 🙂 Can’t wait to hold your little noodle!!!

  2. i am in love. seriously. (that yawn photo? LOVE!)

  3. love her name and CONGRATS!!!

  4. love her name and CONGRATS!

  5. Congratulations! Baby Bennet is beautiful!

  6. She’s adorable! Girl names are hard, aren’t they? I’m expecting a girl and having the hardest time. Glad you found a name you love! Bennie is such a cute name. I actually have a friend named Bennie but it’s short for Bennette. 🙂

  7. A++ on naming her. She can do anything with that name! Marie is also my mother’s middle name so she’s in even more good company.

  8. What a sweet little one. I think Bennet Marie is beautiful! and Bennie is so sweet. Love her and I haven’t even met her!

  9. Great job on naming her…it’s perfect! Love it!! She is just beautiful!

  10. Oh, She’s so precious and we love her so much, with a sweet, strong name… She can do anything she wants!

  11. I love baby tummy. I want to smell it and kiss it and cuddle it. BABY TUMMY!!! So sweet!

  12. Love Bennet as a name! She is the sweetest little thing. She has her mommy’s nose!

  13. Sweet name…haven’t heard it before. And really nice middle name….same as mine! Thanks for the comment Katie “Sciarrino”

  14. She is perfect. I love the yawn too. so flipping adorable I can hardly stand it!

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