Saved by the Bucket

So Tuesday loves her little sister. But sometimes she LOVES her little sister. The, “Don’t squeeze quite that hard!” variety. And I’m a wee bit nervous about having Tuesday roaming around free while Bennet is sleeping. She started loving the shower (finally) and will happily play in there with me, perfect solution! Well I started thinking if she liked being in there with me, maybe she would stay in there a little longer? Turns out she’ll pretty much stay in the shower indefinitely. The problem is the water issue. It is certainly nice to brush my teeth and blow dry my hair while she makes pretend lattes, but I feel a little guilty for the extra water just going down the drain. Enter the blue bucket.

(yes she also got my used peri bottles!). It may be silly to do a whole post about this, but I have not had such relaxing get ready periods in a long time. No one is squirting out all my lip gloss, getting who knows what on my powder brushes or trying to steal all my Q-Tips. Instead she and I are having nice conversations about all the pretend things she’s making me (soup, salad, and lots of ranch on everything). I’m sure it goes without saying that I wouldn’t recommend leaving the bathroom while you have a three year old and a bucket of water, but just in case, I’m saying it. I wondered how long it would take her to realize she fit in the bucket (2 days). Usually she fills up various containers and dumps them back out for ten minutes, gets a bit cold and gets in her bucket for the remainder.
Have any other random ideas like this to keep a three year old from loving to death her little sister?

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  1. I feel like “gentle” is the new “no” for my three-year-old. I find myself saying it all day long when he’s around the baby. Bringing other people and kids around the baby has turned him into the enforcer, repeating the baby rules I’ve given him and displaying his best baby-loving.
    Your solution is so fun! Years from now, she’s going to remember all the fun she had playing in the shower, not that you were trying to get a few moments to yourself and keep her from loving too hard on the little one.

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