Here goes the broken record: Oh my poor yard! Oh the neglect this year! I have tried, but really third trimester + late spring/early summer = totally horrible for the garden. One area that got completely, completely, never even ventured over there, neglected was our tiny little side access. Thank goodness for my wonderful neighbors on the opposite side. We are such good friends with them we have a gate going between our yards in the back. And when we need anything big to come out of our back yard (like garbage cans) we just go through their yard. Did I mention they are the best? So this tiny little walkway is little used. It doesn’t help that it’s overgrown and a big drop off to the other neighbor.

I “built” that little support to try and encourage my jasmine, but they were not having it. So I finally got a book from the library, picked out a plan and paid someone to make me a proper trellis.
I had to clean out the whole area before he came, and let me tell you with the belly that was NO small feat!

We’re so classy with our forts on the front porch, and hanging baskets that I tried to make myself this year and FAILED at. Why don’t the flowers grow down? I don’t know what I did wrong. Anyway with some help from my mom (“Hey mom remember when you said you could come do some weeding? How about today.”) and our handyman I don’t feel so bad about this area. I can’t wait for the Jasmine to really fill in and have that wonderful smell wafting up to the porch. We already have a similar thing going on with jasmine up our back deck and I love it!

Looking from the neighbor’s yard:

You can see the big drop off that I was worried about. So much safer, and more private. I love it!

Bj planted one more jasmine to help fill in the area. I would have except I bought the plant the day before I gave birth so instead I got to come outside and see this (and some other plants) planted all fresh for me. Thanks love! Very excited to see this grow up and fill in. I’ve been given the all clear to get back to work in the garden/house, as long as I take it easy. I haven’t had a chance though, since I don’t want to take Bennet out in 100 degree weather! That’s right summer finally came! Now if it could just ripen up our tomatoes…

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  1. I will be right over this morning to weed for you my darling daughter, that is right after I get everything ready for the “Pool Party”;)… Personally I like seeing the fort on the front porch! and manicured yards are a bit over rated!

  2. I agree with your mom–your yard looks perfect 🙂 and porch forts rock!
    The trellis will look perfect next summer with the jasmine growing up around it.

  3. I think your yard and porch are so lovely!! The trellis is great! Oh and how wonderful the jasmine will smell! If I lived closer, Charlotte and I would totally come over and weed for you! I think your hanging baskets are so pretty, love the color. The Wave Petunia is a trailing petunia and will nicely grow over the basket. Not sure if that is what you have, but maybe a thought for next year.

  4. that trellis is awesome. and even without the jasmine growing up it, it already give so much more privacy with that neighbor. love that. can’t wait to see the jasmine growing on it. also, i have to ditto your awesome mother… front porch forts rock and perfectly manicured yards are totally overrated. your yard is LOVELY. how’s the shed project coming along?

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