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  1. One of the things I wanted to do was start blogging again while I have this month off from school. I’ll try to remember 🙂

  2. Yes, that’s my birthday photo. It almost didn’t happen. I realized that I didn’t get the photo right as the fair was closing. I ran over to the place with Bennet and Bj and the man who runs the place told me sorry it was closed. I freaked out, started talking really fast about how I do this every year and then whipped around to Bj and said, “prove it’s my birthday, get out my ID!!!” (it was in his pocket). The man looked at me like I was a crazy and said, “ok, ok, just don’t let anyone else in.” In the booth Bj said, “you were a little intense back there.” It’s my birthday photo! I had to get it!!

  3. that story about getting your birthday photos makes me laugh… i can picture the intense AND picture bj saying that! but SO glad you kept the birthday tradition going!

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