Bennet vs. Tuesday

People say they look so much alike, but I don’t see it much. They look (and act!) so different to me. Here both at four months:

If you have multiple children do they look much alike? Did they grow to look more alike or more different? It’s so interesting to me how different, yet equally wonderful the girls are. I just love them so.

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  1. They do favor one another. Bennet really looks a lot like you and Tuesday more like BJ. But Tuesday definitely has your eye color! They are both beautiful little girls. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  2. i have a son 6 years old and a girl 15 months. They could be twins. Well I mean, if you look at pics of him at her age. And people at school, who only know him now, say how much they look alike. She wears TONS of his old clothes and I swear some days I have to look twice. It’s spooky. For fun I put up pics of them on Facebook, it’s that crazy. If I look at old pics of my son, I have to pay attention to the background (we’ve since moved) to be 100% who it is….it’s awesome though.

  3. I think they are both beautiful and have similarities but wouldn’t say they look “alike.” I have 2 girls, 2 years apart and people say they look alike all the time, but I don’t see it:-)
    Hoping to see you at the craft bazaar in Albany!

  4. Annalise looks more like Clara now, or so everyone says, but if you compare baby pictures, Annalise looks more like Jacob. There are a few pictures of Clara that look like Annalise now. So I think she’s a good mix of them 🙂

  5. It is funny to see pictures of baby Tuesday because she looks just the same but older! My girls looked very different and still do but I do see some convergence as the months pass. Your girls definately look like they came from the same parents but Tuesday got the garrison genes and bennet got the pence genes. I think you should tu for #3 to see whose genes are dominant 🙂

  6. They definitely look like sisters–not exactly alike, but similar for sure! They have the same ears and they both have that Pence nose. I always thought Tuesday was an exact replica of you–maybe that’s just in pictures where she’s posing with her mouth open and wide-eyed like this :-O But now that Bennet has graced us with her presence, I think she looks more like you and Tuesday looks more like her daddy. People say all the time that Donovan looks just like Grant, but Grant and I both call him my “twin” because we think he looks just like me. Strange, how genetics work!

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