Four Months

Oh my sweet Bennet. I’m going to take a brief break from sewing like a mad woman for the Christmas Bazaar and update everyone on you at FOUR MONTHS.

Look how big you’re getting! I just took you to the doctor today and you were 24.25 inches tall and 11 pounds 12 ounces! You are my tiny little love. I’m glad you’re still growing so well because we’ve been having some tummy problems with you.

You’re such a happy go lucky girl that I was shocked when you stopped sleeping well and were so fussy. Then you got blood in your stool and I knew something was wrong. Mama had to cut out all dairy and you started feeling much better (then I accidentally had some cream in a peanut sauce and I’m so sorry because the next day was not good for you). I’m hoping all your issues go away by next friday, otherwise I have to cut out soy as well. Diary and soy are in so many things! But that’s okay because I love nursing you and can’t bare to give it up.

Oh my goodness your sister loves you so much. Sometimes a little too much, she gives great big sister hugs.

It was hard to get this picture because usually you’re just staring at your sister when ever she is around, it’s so very sweet and makes me so happy. Of course it’s hard to understand babies when you’re (almost) four.

Like why do you pull hair Bennie? Tuesday doesn’t understand.

I know, I know, you were just exploring your environment.

Don’t worry she forgives quickly. Of course you are rolling like crazy, and you just started scooting…. so when you start heading towards her toys we might have other problems.
3 months, 2 months, 1 month.

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  1. I love those girls! That last photo is amazing. The difference in their eye color really shows in it.

  2. Oh man her eyes are so stunning. I love the hair pulling picture. I mean obviously it’s sad and hard for Tuesday to figure out but it’s a true part of having siblings. So glad she forgives quickly. What beautiful sisters. Bennie, I hope your tummy feels better soon. Can your mommie still drink Coke?

  3. awesome post. Bennet looks so happy! It is amazing to me that you can get a good (no GREAT) photo of the girls together in the same place at the same time…. Great lighting by the way 🙂

  4. Love the update on baby Bennet! I hope her tummy troubles go away soon! You have to precious little girls and it’s very obvious that Tuesday adores her baby sister! They both have absolutely gorgeous eye color.

  5. I had the EXACT same thing happen with my 2nd son, Maxwell! He was about the same age, had the same symptoms (except not too fussy), and I ended up having to cut out all dairy (which yes, is in everything) because I didn’t want to stop breastfeeding him. Luckily, I only had to stay on the no-dairy diet for about 9 months before I started adding it back in a little at a time and by then he had absolutely no problems with it. He’s now a happy cheese-eating 2 year old and has no dairy sensitivities at all! So there’s a good chance little Bennie will grow out of it. But a big hurray for mom for going through the work of staying dairy-free for her little one!

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