Rag Curls

Tuesday has been into hair dressing lately. The librarians remembered her because her request for a “book about how they really do things at the hair dressers” is a bit of a unique request. She had to make it a few times because the first book we took home was, “not real enough”. We brought home three good books this time. A silly one: Does a Yak Get a Haircut, a historical one: Big Wig (this has terrible reviews, mostly because it is NOT ACCURATE. My four year old sure thought it was funny though), and a haircare one: Hair Styling Tips for Girls.
Reading through the books got us talking about different kinds of hair. Tuesday saw that curlers can curl your hair, and asked me if we could do that. I mentioned that my mom put rags in my hair to give me curls all the time growing up (I had serious curly hair envy). She also did pin curls (a la Shirley Temple), but I mentioned the rag curls because I thought she wouldn’t mind sleeping on them. The pin curls can pinch a bit. So my mom came over and put in Tuesday’s first rags!

It was really so, so sweet. She loved it too. I have a hard time when Tuesday comes up to me after putting on lip gloss (she’s an addict) and asks, “do I look pretty?”. AHHHHH! I usually say, “Do you feel pretty? If you feel good that’s all that matters.” I don’t want her to “do” her hair because she wants to please anyone but herself, and I did tell her as much (in a way I can to a four year old). I think this is just something so fun and I remember loving it so much.

She bounded in the room in the morning so excited! A few came out in the back while she slept, but overall they turned out great. In case you want to try it we don’t do the wet hair method. This is simply clean, dried (can be a little damp), hair wrapped around a strip of fabric that’s tied to hold it in place. They don’t have to be tight. When I take out the rags I run my fingers through her hair to break up the curls a bit. I’m sure we’ll be doing this again, and I’ll take pictures with my actual camera! And I should track down an old picture of me with curly hair. My mom did it for me even through high school! Thanks mom!

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  1. So sweet! Tuesday looks as adorable with curls as she does without. I’m pretty sure it’s her smile that makes it 🙂
    I’ll have to try this with Clara’s hair. We do the foam rollers occasionally, but she hates them. She might no mind the rags!

  2. Oh little Tutu. I remember reading about you being born. And what a little peanut you were. And how desperate your mama was to have you sleep bc she was just exhausted. And now here you are so big and I can see what you will look like all grown up *wipes tear*

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