You can laugh at this, I think maybe in a few months I’ll be able to….
So I was making a bunch of baby food in the kitchen. Cooking older carrots on the stove, had beets and sweet potatoes in the oven. The girls were playing awesome together with a tray of ice and water on the floor. Then Tuesday wanted some limes, she had me cut them in half, found all the parts to the juicer and got to work, Bennet was happy with her left overs. Of course icy cold water was everywhere and Bennet peed so I took off her diaper. I was just wrapping stuff up, getting labels on the food when I hear Bennet start to crawl back in the kitchen crying. She was playing super nicely by the orange shelves (very close by). I look down and I can’t believe it.
At first I thought; how did she get baby food? But no. It was poop. AND SHE TRIED TO EAT IT!!! I do realize this makes me seem very negligent but this all happened in under a minute. So she’s screaming because she has poop all over her face, up her nose, in her eyes… You get the idea. I grab her and yell at Tuesday to help me. She pulls back the shower curtain and I plop a totally hysterical Bennet in. Get the water going. Bennet gets up, slips in the poo (also over her whole body), and falls back on her bottom. I send Tuesday running for soap while I get all the chunks off. Luckily Tuesday had the forethought to grab a towel. She was pretty cool about everything until I was cleaning the floor (while poor Bennet wailed from the playpen) and came across a pair of sunglasses with a blob of poop. Thank goodness they were Bennie’s because Tuesday just started chanting, “I don’t want her poop on my sunglasses, I don’t want her poop on my sunglasses.”
And end scene.
Amber “mother of the year” Garrison

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  1. My jaw dropped, and then I started laughing. OMG!!! Poop everywhere might just be every mom’s worst nightmare. Especially when it ends up on a face. Oh man. Yuck!!! But don’t be hard on yourself. You can’t have both eyes on both kids 24/7. Mother of the year? Who would ever get that award? World’s Okayest Mom? That’s all of us!

  2. Oh my goodness…you always hear about that happening. EEK! I’m glad you were able to take care of it all without freaking out! I’d be freaking out. LOL Tuesday is pretty much awesome 😉

  3. Too funny! I can totally picture that happening to me. I love how you have the best intentions to start out with and then it all unravels. I am sure Bennet will appreciate this story when she is older 🙂

  4. Oh Amber, my goodness I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry! It sounds like you and Tuesday handled it very calmly… you are definitely the “mother of the year!”

  5. love it and hearing this after the post about getting her to use the toilet it is even funnier! you are human after all 🙂

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