How to remember how tiny your kids were

This layout took no time at all. And before you click away and say, I don’t scrapbook; listen. Find the tiny thing your kid wore when they were newborn. Tape it to a piece of paper and add it to the baby book. No baby book? Hallmark makes great simple ones I love. I have one for Bennet and one for Tuesday. These are what I plan on giving to the girls when they leave home, or when ever they want them. I have mine and it’s fun to compare weights and lengths (you might have guessed that I was tiny. I married someone 6’4″ and now Bennet is smaller than I was? how?!?). I should do a review on the one I got for Bennet, it’s for “boys” but you know how I feel about that right? Gender stereotyping is so lame. Anyway go do this today! And just try not so say, “how did it go so fast?!?!”
(I think I originally saw an idea like this checking out Ali’s book for Anna)

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  1. I don’t scrapbook, but I can do this! This is such a sweet idea and look how tiny that little shirt is. Oh and yes, we do have a baby book! It makes me sad when I go through Charlotte’s baby clothes – those days went too fast.

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