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I have apparently been absolutely terrible at taking pictures lately. I have to remember some things though, so here it goes.
-I’ve been trying to get Tuesday to wipe her own hiney. So I bought those flushable wipes. People they are not flushable. We had a water in the basement situation as a result. Ugh. But yay for Flor tiles that we could individually remove and dry out. Also for brothe’s who get up out of bed to bring us a dehumidifier very late at night. And neighbors who let us traipse in and out of their house all night so we could use their bathroom. Everything was resolved with much less expense than we anticipated and nothing was ruined. Phew. Lesson learned though, we’re getting an overflow alarm!
-November work out a day. My friend put a group together to motivate each other, and it’s working for me. I’ve done some form of exercise every day (save for the one we were dealing with cleaning carpets and drying things out). I go to Zumba one night a week, we’ve done family walks, and I’m doing the Jillian DVDs. The girls love it, they try to work out along with me (there was an unfortunate finger smashing with weights incident though). I wrote this a few weeks ago and fell off the exercise wagon, have to get back on it!
-This led to me biking the girls to dance… without stoping to walk the bike! First time people! I’m so happy about this, I still bike about as slow as someone walking, but it’s progress. Not to mention it was done in the rain.

-We got back out the beans. They haven’t been in this box the whole time. I put them in another plastic tub up in the garage for a few years. They saved great, and continue to be a big hit. Just like with Tuesday Bennet has tried a couple and doesn’t think they’re any good so I’m not worried about her choking on them. I think we are just about past the choking phase at 16 months. Thank goodness!
-We drove down to Eugene to see the visiting Harlem Ballet. It was fantastic. It was a Bj, Tuesday, mama date. Love, love, love. Some of her homeschool buddies were also there some rows ahead. Very cute to see her and Z sticking tongues out and waving at each other.
-I was driving and there was a piece of wood in the road I had to swerve around. I looked back in my rear view mirror and a guy I saw smoking a cigarette looking all shabby on the sidewalk jumped out and pulled it out of the street. So kind. I must watch myself with those stereotypes and quick judgements. A good reminder to always assume the best of everyone.
-Bj fixed my old fashioned telephone.
-Bj installed a 240 outlet (and cleaned up our breaker box) so we could put in a level two charger for the car. He told me, “I think I could be an electrician!” No doubt he could. He also did all our outdoor wiring. I do get a little nervous when he says stuff like, “I’m going to flip in on, stand there with the fire extinguisher in case something goes wrong!” But so far, so good.
-Bj put a new boot in our washing machine. The old one (and it was already the second) was all moldy and gross. Short of cleaning it out fastidiously between loads how do I stop this from happening? I never NEVER close the door when it’s not in use.  A side note it took the professionals THREE HOURS and THREE GUYS to do this last time (it was under warranty then). Bj did it alone with only a few minutes of my help to hold something. YouTube for the win.
-And the best thing. We had my dear friend and college roommate Taro to came to visit! This time with his lovely wife and baby.
Update soon!

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  1. Vinegar in the fabric softener slot every couple of loads gets rid of the moldy smell. We had this problem and I found that it was caused by a residue buildup of detergent in the boot. The vinegar cuts the residue…my boot stopped smelling. Good Luck.

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