1:51 AM, as good a time as any

I found this photo of Bennie on my phone. She took it of herself while Bj was holding her. I was reading Big Susan to Tuesday.
Bennet has a been up for hours. Luckily this the first time in a week that Bj has been able to help in the middle of the night. He’s been sick and banished to the twin in Tuesday’s room (she’s on a makeshift bed on our floor). We’re doing the classic 30 minutes on 30 minutes off. It’s brutal.
Ugh this nasty cold/virus/whatever! First Bennet before thanksgiving. Then we traveled to Bj’s parents for the holiday. Came back and Tuesday was getting sick. Bj’s mom came to stay a few days later and she got really sick (like really, my father in law had to dive a truck down and take her home, towing her car). Then Bj. I can’t get sick, moms aren’t allowed right? Oh but I admit it doesn’t look so bad when I see them laying on the couch watching TV. “Bob the builder, can he fix it.” How I hate that show after three days non stop.
I’ve managed to get in little bits of holiday crafting here and there. We did a very limited decoration, there just wasn’t anytime. I did finally finish an advent I hope will be used for years.
This is where a picture would go, but my phone doesn’t want to cooperate. I also made my first paper pieced block, a pretty sort of star.
What have you been up to?
Now it’s 2:08, I think I’m going to attempt a lay down. If it works good, Bj’s snoring away (stupid cold is hanging on)… He just fell asleep, and I think that’s the worst time to be woken up.
Did I mention Bennet has taken to waking up between five and six in the morning?

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  1. Oh man 🙁 I hope you guys are feeling better soon! Fingers crossed Bennet slept in later than 5 or 6!

  2. Ugh I am so sorry you guys got sick… no fun! I am glad you didn’t get it since moms really don’t get sick days! I hope you get some good sleep soon! It really is hard to function without it. Our sick dog woke me up a few times last night and I have totally been dragging all day. And Charlotte was up at 6:30 this morning which is pretty much the normal for her.

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