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Oh dear, my last post was a bit of downer… and I put my blog address on our holiday cards this year so I really must update! We still have been sorely lacking in the sleep department. But our super secret room re-do for the girls (from a Tuesday only bed on the floor room to a both girls with a bunk one) is in the works. Maybe that will help? Our dear friend helped me pick wood out today and brought it to my house. Yes I do realize it is only six days until Christmas. Hmm. I think it will get done though. It has to right? I also have a box to get ready to send to Alaska, and one to California. Those will be cutting it close as well. I set myself up for these things, but ah well I sure have fun attempting to get it all done!
I did finish the advent calendar I started two years ago. Carmen and I each made ornaments and swapped.

I do like how this turned out. And Tuesday got to put 11 ornaments on the first day, so win win!

I used all kinds of special buttons from our family. I think I need to make some kind of label on the back before we tuck it away next year.
I’ve been making with the girls. Trying to be in the moment and let go of certain things (i.e. the house is a mess, really).

Bennet. Oh Bennet. She’s totally find until she decides she’s done (with food, a project, anything) and then it all starts flying. I highly recommend this giant roll of paper. Amazon is the only way to go on this because of the free shipping, the thing is heavy! (affiliate links) And this is the holder we got. Seems flimsy but once the heavy roll is in there it’s pretty solid. We’ve been making our own wrapping paper. In the corner here you can see our attempt at the bubble style of painting.

Tuesday had a blast with this (Bennet would not have understood to just blow). This is not the pretty Pinterest approved way (you’re supposed to lay the paper on top), but it sure was a hit. Still experimenting with the right kind of paint to mix in with the dish soap and water. Tempera (poster) paint flakes off pretty bad after it’s dry, which is a bummer. And liquid water color gets too diluted. I’ll keep you posted.
My mom won’t get her present wrapped with those though:

Sciarrino actually gave me this paper for my birthday. It’s vintage. And man do I love it.
Hope your holiday gifting is wrapping up nicely! I found (and made) some super great presents this year I can’t wait to share!

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  1. the quilting on your tree looks amazing. Thinking now maybe I should do that! I love the pic of the girls paining, Bennet is a little girl all of the sudden! Wasn’t she just a baby?! So cute how they are just carefully painting together! And the wrapping paper is amazing! (both homemade and that vintage cool stuff!) Nice work super Mom!

  2. The girls room re-do sounds awesome!! I cannot wait to see it! Your advent calendar is gorgeous… love the handmade ornaments! I think I would leave it up all year. I really need to be in the moment more with Charlotte. She will be grown one day, and I clean my house then! You have such a great space for crafting for the girls. Enjoy the holidays! Hopefully we can chat on the phone again in January!

  3. Your girls are so lucky to have a mom who lets them create! I always enjoy seeing what you all have been up to. Sure hope you catch up on your sleep.

  4. Definitely looks like Christmas is just around the corner in your home! I love the advent calendar; can I put it on my wish list :)? And your girls are so lucky to have such a crafty Mom! Sorry you don’t get enough sleep….

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