The Garden – 6.6.2014

Oh the garden. How much it gives, and not just fruits, flowers and veggies! After a long couple of days with the girls an hour out there tonight was just what I needed.

I watered the things in pots (the rest is on drip, I’m trying deep watering this year vs. every day watering… So far so good).

I tasted lots of berries. These honey berries, lots of strawberries (I estimate we’ve picked 25 lbs from my patch so far), a tiny few raspberries, and a lone blueberry.

I picked little eggs off these things. A lot less gross than little larvae! I think it will be worth it though…. Baby cauliflower!

I planted more beans even though I have an insane number already (see below). I have this area seeded in poppies but I thought I might try bush beans mixed in. It might get too shady in the afternoon to work, we’ll see. I picked a seed, “not picky about it’s location.”

These scarlet runner beans have a more prime location, on a trellis Bj built. In front of them I’ve squeezed some onions (I’ve got them scattered about the yard), behind them some dill.

And this is a bean teepee of purple runners, passed around in my family for a while, we save the seed ourselves. We call them magic beans since they grow purple and turn green upon cooking.

I tucked away peppers and melons for the night. And fretted over my apple and pear trees… Should I put little covers over every fruit? Am I destined to get some yucky bug or disease since I chose not to spray?

Tucked in around the apple small miracles. After who knows what colonized some of my sprouting pumpkins seeds (what????) I still have two heathy starts, one semi healthy, and a maybe. I’ve not given up hope on eating more stuffed pumpkins this fall yet. But I will be looking for a few starts tomorrow at the market to supplement.

Delias are poking up here and in the front, which is good since three plantings of sunflower seeds have failed to produce the abundance we had last year (by shear luck I guess).

I marvel at this coreopsis. A merchant threw it in as a bonus, because it was so scrawny, and didn’t even know it’s color. Luckily it’s not pink, and fits in nicely with the other yellows I’m collecting. In fact, it might be my favorite.

Like I said I did manage to taste a few raspberries… But this bush tempts me with what is to come! And marionberries next to it scream to be made into a pie.

(Oh look, more beans)
And I cleaned up bathings suits, towels, gardening gloves, a sprinkler, cups, the cozy coup, buckets of weeds, and wound hoses. But I left these two, tucked away for the girls to find them tomorrow… Hopefully calmer not so screamy girls.
I don’t know if I’ll keep up the garden commentary through the summer. It’s easy on a night like this where all the pics were snapped with my phone. And this entry typed on my phone, while Bennie snuggles in, up again.
And how does your garden grow my friends?

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  1. You all are doing an awesome job with your garden and yard! Everything looks so great. And just think of all the money you are saving by planting your own veggies. I want to get more into vegetable gardening next year. I am wondering if it’s too late to plant lettuce seeds in pots on my patio. We are eating so many salads this time of year, and they are expensive to buy. What do you think? Is it too late in the season to start lettuce??

    1. Julia,
      Give it a go. You might put them in dappled shade so they don’t bolt (go to seed) so quickly, but most people continue to plant lettuce through out the season so they always have some to harvest. There are specific varieties made to withstand summer heat, so try it!

  2. I love hearing about your garden, so I think you should updates us 🙂 and phone pics are perfect!!
    Hope you guys have a great week

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