Week in the Life 2014 – Sunday

6:15 AM Bj gets up with Bennie.
8:57 AM
8:58 AM Bennet’s version of the get the Puppies home game.
10:25 AM Bj takes the girls out.
11:06 AM Meanwhile I’m still asleep at home 🙂
11:22 AM
3:47 PM Mama invented jump, jump, boom… which was fun until there were some head injuries.
7:08 PM dance show for mama and papa. She even made us tickets. Here she is being a rainbow bird.
7:43 PM Thanks to Erin I now know how to make the perfect crisp topping. But then the girls went a bit crazy and we didn’t get to eat dessert (of course I had to sample though).
8:32 PM I love reading to my girl.
sunday-10As always I love participating in this project. Occasionally I’ll get the photos into a book, but more often they serve to fill the gaps in other layouts. I love these records of our week, I’m sure I’ll always cherish them! I highly recommend participating in this project.

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  1. I like the idea about having the pictures fill in the gaps of your normal layouts. It almost seems like too much to do 7 layouts for the week, but too much to fit into 1 layout.

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