Finished Knit: The second copy cat

I recently got a haul of Socks That Rock yarn by Blue Moon. If I was pressed to pick one yarn to knit with the rest of my life it would probably be this, it’s so versatile! Wait, yes, I said sock yarn. But really this stuff comes in three weights, is superwash, and the colors so yummy, that you can use it for nearly anything. I was updating my embarrassingly large yarn stash on Ravelry and realized I never uploaded pictures of my finished copycat blanket.
Ravelry Link
copycat two-1
I finished this in early August, and did nothing to these photos because, ah… that summer light!
copycat two-4
It’s quite a project to knit a blanket on size six needles… I mean it takes a while. This one took me a year.
copycat two-6
Here is where I talk about starting it.
copycat two-3
I absolutely am in love with making these. I gifted this to a dear new baby halfway around the world I can’t snuggle, so this will do in place of real hugs.
copycat two-5
copycat two-2
I love playing with two very different skeins of yarns. If you click on my ravelry page you’ll see the balls of yarn being knit. I can’t recommend this yarn enough, here’s a link to it, try to control yourself, though I never do. I use medium weight most frequently.
socks that rock-13
I won a little contest of theirs for making descriptions for a few of their new holiday yarns (all gnome related colorways by the way!). So I had to get a few extra skeins. Scheming and dreaming… and of course I have another blanket halfway knit already. P.S. Throwback: my first copycat with Tuesday as a wee thing. We still use that blanket and love it.
Are you knitting? This weather certainly calls for it!

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  1. Those stitches are perfect! Well done and very lovely. You should very very good about this piece!

  2. Those stitches are perfect! Well done and very lovely. You should feel very very good about this piece!

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