Scrap quilts – random pulls

My friend Sarah and I had a wonderful sewing day a few months ago. We each donated lots of scraps to a few paper bags and went to work pulling out random scraps and making wonky log cabin blocks. This is a method I’ve heard as the Denyse Schmidt┬ámethod. I’ve never gotten to take one of her classes, but she describes this method in various interviews. I’m not sure if we did exactly what she would do but we did have fun pulling random bits and sewing them together. These two quilts are for sale.

This is my first with absolute random pulls. Making myself use each bit. I sashed it all in an older Cotton and Steel print. for the quilting I did big loops. I’m going to be honest, it’s not my favorite quilt. It was hard to let go this much! Measures 39 x 36″ $125

This second one I like much better. I still did it pretty randomly, but if I really didn’t like something I would pull again. I feel like I was better able to balance the values this way. I also think the sashing I chose sets the blocks off much better. And to me the backing and binding are just right for it. 41 x 52″ $150
If you haven’t tried this method yet I highly recommend it. Even if you just do a few blocks it really gets the creative juices flowing!┬ámethod

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