My little Brownie

Tuesday was so lucky to join a Daisy troop right when she turned five. The troop started in a January so she joined a wee bit early (grade wise), and to keep her with the group she’s bridging to Juniors this weekend (can’t belive it, seriously). I volunteer for our Service Unit and tonight she came with me to recongnize girls bridging to adulthood (something I did 18 years ago!). Since she was all dressed up in her full Brownie uniform I wanted to get some pics. She chose some of the poses.. guess which. I made vests for her and her whole troop because 1). I’m crazy and 2). My mom did it for me when I was a Brownie. I made the skirt because I’m not a fan of the skort uniform thing. She also has a vintage Brownie jumper from the 70s/80s that I have got to get more pics of. She’s asking for me to make her a Junior version of the jumper and I am 100% on board with that because how long is she going to want mom made jumpers?!?

Ya, I made myself a patch jacket from my favorite jacket (I wore it in my engagement pics!). I’m so proud of my Girl Scout. I’m proud of everything I did as a girl with Girl Scouts and it’s fun to be involved again as a parent and volunteer. Earlier this year Tuesday and I went with a friend of hers and her mom to New York City. We were toured the Girl Scouts of the USA headquarters. Amazingly the CEO came out of her meeting when she heard the girls reciting the Girl Scout Promise. She handed them her personal patch and explained how she chose what she did on it because she’s a rocket scientist. It was amazing and I cried. Tuesday has learned so much about friendship, community, and leadership through Girl Scouts. I absolutely can not wait to see what she does as a Junior. In the fall we’ll have another Girl Scout in the house; Bennet will be a Daisy! And I’m going to be the leader. Wish me luck!

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  1. So so nice to see you blogging again. I can’t believe how mature Tuesday has gotten. Would love to see Bennett! You are such a great mom!

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