Polaroid Quilt

I am realizing that I really need to put all my projects on the blog – otherwise I forget about all the details. I have recently started a list in Evernote of what quilts I’ve made and where they were given. But it’s woefully incomplete! I must to better. To that end, check out my Polaroid quilt! My friend Sarah and I made it for our friend who just had her first baby.

I used my normal tag and added a more complete tag since this quilt was an epic amount of work and I felt the need to be credited for all eternity, hahaha. I reached out to the couple I made this quilt for and they said this type of tag with the button has held up well. I really, really love the gel fabric pen (affiliate link) I use, it doesn’t bleed at all.

I used this tutorial for the “shadow” and really like how it turned out. 1,581 pieces is a lot though. So Bj wants one and I think I will stretch it out to be a multi year project!

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  1. Mary Lou Miller says: Reply

    This is awesome! Do your girls quilt yet?

    1. Yes! My oldest just finished her first full quilt with the help of a cute new little quilt shop in town, Will n Bee’z.

  2. Dianne Nelson says: Reply

    This is a VERY cool quilt! Great work!

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