Matt and Krista’s wedding quilt

the quilt early layout-1
the quilt math-1
the quilt rows-1
the qulit quilting up close-1
the quilt adding binding-1
the quilt the quilting-1
the quilt finished-1
the quilt finished-2
the quilt finished-3
The wedding in New York that Bj and I went to was for some dear friends, and I knew I wanted to make them a quilt. Matt is an architect and there was this Arcitextures line of fabric that was so perfect. As soon as I met his sweetheart Krista I knew it was true love and bought the fabric. And even though they sent a save the date I waited until less than a month before the wedding to start the quilt. I think I was really waiting for inspiration to set in. See, I had the fabric, but wasn’t sure what direction to go in for design. On September 20th I took a class from the super talented Rachel, who I also am lucky enough to call my friend. She teaches a wonky geese method and I was hooked. Now you may remember that I said, “geese never again!” Well this technique had me hooked, and by the 23rd I had a pretty decent amount of blocks. I decided to actually do the math this time and realized for a sizable throw (they both have to fit under it!) I needed a lot more. I got going and by the week before the wedding I had all the blocks done. I arranged and rearranged and started sewing them into rows. Then I stopped.
I was going to try and power through, stay up all night and get it done, but I realized I wanted it to have a hand bound binding, and a special label. If I rushed it that just wasn’t going to get done. So reluctantly I gave up trying to finish it before the wedding. As soon as I got back it was on my mind again. I finished piecing the top and had it pin basted in time to take to craftcation. I quilted it in a sort of wonky traveling box stitch I came up with. Free motion, on my Juki. I love the quilting pattern and will, for sure, use it again. The warm and cozy wool batting is just perfect for it too. I pieced together a scrappy orange binding, machine sewed it on, then spent a week hand sewing the binding to the back with a blind stitch. I am S-L-O-W at this, but it just looks too lovely so I had to do it. Last up was the label. I copied this label from a famous quilt maker. I really liked this Gel Roller (affiliate link) I used to mark on the fabric. I’ve used in on apparel before and it holds up.
I’m happy to say Matt and Krista got the quilt tonight and they love it! Yay!

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  1. Amber, we are so moved and delighted by this incredibly special and beautiful gift! We were both speechless and started laughing/crying when we read your card and unfurled the quilt. An instant family heirloom – words can’t even express how much this means to us. Thank you so much for sharing the story, and for giving us such an incredibly meaningful and beautiful gift! So grateful to immediately feel the love and count you, Bj, Tuesday and Bennie as dear friends when I met Matt. Huge hugs from us today and always!

  2. I love this! It turned out so wonderful! The red binding and high contrast backing totally make this quilt. The label just might be my favorite part! So cute! They will love this forever!

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