Crazy Scrapbooking Ladies!

Yup, that’s all the stuff we brought to the scrapbooking store last night. We went to the graveyard 5-11 crop at the Scrap Yard.  We sat across from some great ladies and had a blast.  I got a couple more things done for eBay so check it out, I’ll be posting more of them tonight.  It was so much fun to hang out with Beachwood.  It’s kind of annoying when all your friends move away, but I am always so glad when they come back to visit. I have been watching Freaks and Geeks with Katie and we have been laughing so hard. I can’t believe this show got cancelled. Anyway back to scrapping like crazy. I gave Beachwood a mini class on making tags. Our next lesson is going to be sewing on layouts (I bet you can’t wait Beachwood).  It’s been so wonderful weather wize here. The only problem is my “hating the world” (quote by Beachwood) neighbors and their smoking.  I hate it when I have the windows open and the sweet smell of the grass gets cut off buy their cigarettes and pot (ew, ew, ew). It also makes their constant band practice that much louder.  Well they are off on a gig tonight so I am going to enjoy the silence.

A Couple of Crazies

A couple of crazies, that’s what we are. We had to take a couple shots, they didn’t turn out that well, but I think show our mood (happy!). This morning I had my first challange on Y!F. I did pretty well, I’m getting pretty buff so you all better watch out! Then Katie and I walked through campus to go pick up some digital prints from Shutterbug. Katie was amazed at how much is being done here. I am too, I mean we have the stadium going up, the engineering building, and the new parking structure by Finley. It was nice to get out and walk because it is so wonderful out today. We have a bunch of scrapping to do today and are going to a crop tonight, I can’t wait!

Beachwood is here!!!!

Beachwood is here, yeah!!!! Um, no we haven’t really gotten a lot done, but we’re catching up so that’s okay. Yummy fruit today on the fruit stand on 34. You know you want to stop there when you are driving to I-5 so why don’t you? They are cheap! Then we had sausages at the meat market, yum, yum. Okay back to Freaks and Geeks and dinner.

Tying it all together

I have been watching all of these weird shows lately, well maybe not weird, but a weird combination of things: American Chopper, Babies: Special Delivery, In the Womb, Iron Chef America (in which I finally understand the difference between scallions, scallops, and shallots), War Games, and I ♥ Huckabees. So how does all this tie together? In this totally weird dream I had last night (which is weird in itself because I hardly ever remember my dreams, and I was begining to doubt if I still did it- dream, I mean). Okay here goes:
So I’m driving back from a crew parctice at a training camp in California and I’m in one of those big 15 passenger vans (the kind they don’t let you drive anymore because they are afraid they are going to flip over or whatever). It’s like really rainy and gross out and so we go into this huge hotel where we are staying and stop in at the juice bar (which I belive was thrown into the mix because of this episode of the O.C.) that has this awesome lounger from the Pottery Barn. Well that thing is just so comfortable that we don’t want to leave (I think I’m there with Tryon). So then I’m like, “Hey when is the next practice anyways?” and someone says it’s in two minuets and I freak out! See on the way back to the hotel we had stopped at a wedding lunchon for my cousin (her real one was Saturday) and so I was all dressed up. I can’t remember who my roommate is (even though somehow I’m like watching the dream at the same time it’s happening to me so as the viewer I know it’s Andrea) or where my room is (but again as the viewer I know it’s room 404). So I go up to the fourth floor and it’s like the office building in the I ♥ Huckabees movie and I can’t get anywhere or find everything. So I go into Bj’s room (I don’t know why he’s there) and he’s rooming with Sally. So I ask to borrow some clothes only Sally can’t hear when I talk so I have to borrow these huge snowman pajama pants and put them on under my skirt. Then I find a bonnet and put that on instead of a hat. And when I go out of the room I see every one there including six year old sextuplets (and if you watch Extreme Makover: Home Edition then you know why). The weird thing is everyone is dressed in these weird peasent outfits like the humoungous family from the reality show 14 Children and Pregnant Again. Well not Charlie, but that would have been too funny if he was in a little smock too! I digress. So I join the group just as they are counting to make sure everyone is there. And here’s the kicker, I realize when Charlie starts to talk that he is standing in front of my room!
Phew, that probably made no sense but I just thought it was too weird not to tell somebody about it. I mean I’ve had “holy crap I’m going to be late to practice” dreams a lot but this one takes the cake!

She wore a…

Ladies it’s time to get your bikini on. It’s not going to look that good. We’re not tan, for one thing. Also we might be a little flubby. But we have to try them on now. Beause if you don’t start now, you will be in some serious trouble later. Anyway I’m on week three of my boot camp thingie. Doing pretty good. Just had to try on the bikini for the first time to check my progress. Nine more weeks, then I’ll be ready for summer!

I love my car.

I was thinking today while I was driving about how much I love my car. This is not a new thought. I have thought this since the first day I got to drive the car nine years ago. I was fifteen and my mom was sitting shotgun. I was not a good driver then. Let’s see there’s the whole almost taking myself off the freeway ramp incident and the unfortunate tree “scrapping” situation (did you know suburbans come with touch up paint in a nail polish like container? genius). Back to my car. It’s a 1990 Acura Ledgend. It’s not new and it’s definately been through a lot. The car has been so good to me, and I can’t even afford to put premium fuel in there. Then a few weeks ago the inevitable happened. I was getting on the freeway and the car started shaking, sputtering and basically not moving forward. I pulled off to the side of the road. Do you do that thing where you look at people on the side of the road? I do and it sucks to be the one looked at. Well it went in the shop and it’s all happy now $300 and a new alternater later. It got me thinking about my car’s impending death. I just don’t know what I will do. The car is so perfect. You can see out of it so well, it’s got a sunroof, and everything is automatic and electronic. And it’s a luxury car. I mean, yeah, a really old one, but it’s not like I could afford a new one. I can’t afford a new car at all. So please, please hang in there!!! I need you. And I promise someday I will pimp you out and get you your antilock breaks back and make you brand new.

My Colorful Room

That is me taking a picture of myself in my little nook. I love this nook. It has a windowseat and holds a lot of little crafty treasures (some of which you can see here). I live upstairs in a townhouse. My room is a loft, and I think it is really cool. Here are some more pictures of my room:

Yes I sleep in a bunk bed. I am twenty four, but I think bunk beds are a great space saver. That paper thing is under my bed, there is also a nice chair and desk under there. Those little guys are Lucielle Ball and Snowden. My desk is always that messy. I think I can be a bit more creative when it is like this, because I can just grab stuff and play (you should click on that picture because there is lots of stuff to see). Isn’t my computer screen sick? I love this thing. I love my whole desk. My brother gave it to me for graduation. It’s an old drafting table from my dad’s that he refinished. See how my glasses are crooked? I left them on a chair last nigh that bj sat on. We’ve decided that’s not a good place for glasses. I don’t always put things in good places, this results in lots of loosing, breaking, spilling, and general catastrophe. But there is no point in getting stressed out about those things, so it’s better just to laugh it off. Well except for my tolietry bag that is currently in Ohio (oops!). It’s not so funny that it has this really expenisve and annoying mouth guard in it and I can’t get any one to send it back to me. So I might be taking another trip soon…
See now why my life is in color? I just don’t thing dull is a good word to describe me.

Well, that’s me.

That’s me. Well, the back of me, but that’s my hair. That’s the only way I really like to wear it now that it’s gotten so long. I also really like the color green. I like Oregon (the wonderful state that I live in), maps, little metal things, and bunches of stuff. The thing I really like is keeping track of stuff. I love lists, scrapbooks and journals. The latter is why I decided to start my own blog. I can keep track of stuff, and then other people can look at it, and then they can remind me of stuff. So I’ll try not to go all over the place, but I offer no guarantee.