Free Association Wednesday


Comment on the first thing that comes into your head when you see this word, for more help see the first free association Wednesday.


7 Replies to “Free Association Wednesday”

  1. BJ Garrison says: Reply


  2. Nickelodeon from my childhood days when it first started.

  3. Wow I was going to say Nickelodeon too… You Can’t Do That On Television! 😀

  4. Something that appears when you don’t clean… YUK!

  5. settelmeyer says: Reply

    totally nickelodeon for me too! remember that double dare show with mark summers and how they had to climb through the goo and slime and slides to get to the flag? me and my older brother totally could have had the flag.

  6. green
    combination of the green font, and Nickelodeon’s green slime 😉

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