It’s crazy around here

So I just poured a glass of water on my little brother’s head. Sorry about that Taylor! But seriously I thought it only had a few drops in it, so it was an accident, well the ammount was. But he laughed and I cleaned up his dishes for him so it all works out!
Guess what else?  My mom and I are wearing pink tights and black leotards right now… for real. Since the only kind of working out I’ve even enjoyed is dance (besides weight-lifting with you Ceara, but I don’t think that really counted since I was only lifting a broomstick), I’ve decided to go back to my roots. My little sister is taking community ballet so my mom and I are joining her in about thirty minuets. K, gotta go get my hair in a bun!

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  1. Very nice AmberPavlova, I too have a Ballet class tonight, happy grande battements! x

  2. Dude, awesome! I love that about the water! My brother was being a punk last week so I poured a glass of ice water over the shower rod while he was in there. and then I turned out the lights and left the room. HA! I can be a punk too! 🙂

  3. I love dance, I have been dancing for years. Enjoy your class!

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