I’ve been busy

Okay so I finally put together a photo album I’ve been wanting to do since I started blogging. This is a Boots

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  1. love your boots and that coach bag looks great but no money here either, lol!

  2. Love the boots, and that coach bag is to die for…love it, love it, love it…totally keeping my eye out on this one…
    Have a great Tuesday!

  3. LOVE the Coach bag!!!

  4. Love the photo album…. Thanks for putting in a descent picture of me :)!

  5. How fun! I’m off to peep your peeps! BTW, I love the idea of a photo a day! I definitely don’t have the disipline to do one every day, But I’m going to peep yours for sure! 🙂

  6. thanks for the include in the album…those boots are made for walkin’ see you tomorrow nite??

  7. I’m hurt. I really am. Denise and my husband, but not me… 🙁
    Whoh is me…

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