The Couch is in the Kitchen

That’s really all I have time for right now, but basically I haven’t written because the house is in a complete disarray, and I haven’t taken pictures because I don’t know where my camera is. The carpet better come tomorrow or my mom and I might just go insane.

*found my camera and my card reader, it’s a miracle. Edited to add photos.

See I wasn’t kidding. There are many other things in the kitchen as well. Including all of our dining room chairs, that I think look cool all lined up.

3 Replies to “The Couch is in the Kitchen”

  1. We’re getting close…. This place is a disaster!

  2. That would be driving my crazy!!!! Hopefully they get done soon!

  3. Can I have some of your readers? I only have like 1 that leaves comments, and that’s not usually until several days after I post something.

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