Because she has a good sense of humor

Real conversation
10.40 am

Amber calls mom

mom: "Can I call you right back"
amber: "It’s really important"
mom: "what is it?"
amber: "Someones using your credit card in Russia"
mom: "Oh shit."
amber: "You need to call a special number."
mom: "I’ll call you back I’m bleeding to death."

Mom hangs up. Amber thinks… Mom’s at the hairdresser, did Heather just stab her with scissors?

Mom calls back.

amber: "Did Heather stab you?"
mom: "no it was the other issue."

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  1. Hello, loved my order that you sent, must find time to play now! When are you listing more stuff on ebay, i love your creations!!!
    DAwn in Canada

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