Because she has a good sense of humor

Real conversation
10.40 am

Amber calls mom

mom: "Can I call you right back"
amber: "It’s really important"
mom: "what is it?"
amber: "Someones using your credit card in Russia"
mom: "Oh shit."
amber: "You need to call a special number."
mom: "I’ll call you back I’m bleeding to death."

Mom hangs up. Amber thinks… Mom’s at the hairdresser, did Heather just stab her with scissors?

Mom calls back.

amber: "Did Heather stab you?"
mom: "no it was the other issue."

4 Replies to “Because she has a good sense of humor”

  1. Wha huh?!? I hope you are just talking about a period! Eeek!

  2. LOL.
    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving that wonderful comment! You are so sweet!

  3. Hello, loved my order that you sent, must find time to play now! When are you listing more stuff on ebay, i love your creations!!!
    DAwn in Canada

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