Yes! The inspection went well. I am beyond happy about this. It lasted for about an hour and a half and I feel like they were really through, and I got to poke around the house some more which I loved. Here is the inside of the living room. Those tiles are really painted bricks. […]

Swap – Secret Email Tutorial

Okay so the swap sign ups are going great – 14 people signed up so far, and only one non-blogger. For those who didn’t see on the original post I opened up the swap for those without blogs (they will be swapping with each other). If you want to sign up do so by July […]

I’ll Clue You In

I can keep in my excitement NO LONGER! Are you ready?                                         I’M GOING TO BE A HOME OWNER!!! I am so freaking excited. My house still has to pass inspection, but my offer was accepted so I have to tell all my […]