Old + New = Cool

Sciarrino came over last night. I pushed the iMac back, loaded up the first season of Northern Exposure and got to work.
Whoa, these photos are old. I was playing with left over things on my desk and came up with the design. Thought it would be good for older pictures that  have a really small useful area. This is from my 16 birthday party trip – almost 10 years ago! Details here.

3 Replies to “Old + New = Cool”

  1. Great work! I really like the A to B layout…
    As they say on MTV, “Sweeeeet Sixteeeeeeeen”!

  2. Oh hoo-ray for the scrapage!!! 🙂 Good stuff girlie! 🙂

  3. love the layouts!! It’s cool to see old photos with new products. It doesnt date the photos like it if you had plain paper with Mrs Grossmans stickers – like how my old photos in thier layouts look, just sad.

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