Turkey Success!

I did it! I coordinated and cooked a big Thanksgiving feast right here in my little cottage! When I first got the place I was so excited that I shouted out, "I’ll do Thanksgiving!" with out really thinking what that entailed. Then I got engaged and it kinda fell to the back burner so this […]

Conversation Starter

I mean, I think I can carry on a conversation with just about anyone, but I’ve still got that tickly throat thing and I want to spread the conversation around the table Thursday. Do you know of any site that has cool conversation starters? Or do you have a good list going somewhere? I found […]

The “one”

And now for a little wedding business. You know you can plan a wedding in less than five months, but it takes some serious hustle. Decisions have to be quick and precise. I thought I was doing all the important things first, like venue, but it turns out dresses take for freaking ever so it’s […]

I {heart} Paperzone

Seriously, I only went to Paperzone to stock up on some larger poly bags for Ribbon Jar, but they were having this sale and… Plus I was with Sciarrino and we picked up some papers and envelopes to play with for the wedding invites. So I ended up with some awesome paper and some stamps […]

Waiting for Wii

Outside Fred Meyer’s at 7 pm they cracked and had to call me for blankies and a little table to play poker on. They’d been their three hours already and they (from left; my cousin Ryan, Bj, and Brent) have five more still. I’m getting married to a nerd. But a cute one. And after […]