I should totally be asleep by now but I’m still on a high from the best episode of Bones. Ahhhh love that show. Just a little post to tell you I’m finally finished with that scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It’s
You know a book is good when you are thinking of how you’ll work on 15 projects at once… no joke! Oh and those little paper clips. Couldn’t resist the coolness, even if it is like fake sign language.  Oh wait to click around on that site. They also have emoticons! Must have!

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  1. Hey Amber!
    I don’t watch much T.V. but Bones has become such a favorite of mine (once you get past the “graphic forensic content”). I thought last night’s Christmas show was so cute. I actually thought of you as I was watching it saying to myself “I bet Amber is liking this episode!”
    I love all your crafty projects and ideas for Christmas.
    Great to have you bloggin’ again!

  2. Pure Modern is genius:
    I have this in teal. 🙂
    Homage to Borders!

  3. the scarf looks great!
    can’t wait to see the whole thing!
    oh…thanks for the link to pure modern – that site looks fun!

  4. Glad to get a sneak peek of the scarf! It’s fabulous!

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